Swimline Features

Our SwimLine product line combines a perfect workout program and a joyful massage experience with minimum space requirement. Thanks to the counter-current system developed by Wellis, you can enjoy the sensation of relaxing in a swimming pool, while actually you are taking care of your body and soul in the comfort of your home.

W-Power turbine system

The counter-current system moves 50-160 m3 water per hour, with a power requirement decreased by 75%.

The power requirement is only 7A voltage, and at the same time it provides twice as much water flow as swim spa pumps.

Semi-inground side panel

The Rio Grande 2019 swim spa model is also available as a semi-recessed design.

Makes it possible to partially sink the tub into the ground without constructing a concrete base.

Smartphone application

The in.touch 2 application makes it easier to control and program your spa via telephone or tablet, even when you are away from home.

You can access the control system any time from anywhere, set the water temperature and circulation, even check the current status of your spa.

Swimming stick

It assists the swimmer in staying in the centerline of the swim spa during a workout.

It can increase water resistance for the swimmer in the swim spa, requiring more effort during the workout.

Sound system

AquaSoulTM Pro sound system features top quality waterproof elements. The built-in receiver works with Bluetooth, so its connectable via your mobile phone.

4-channel amplifier with a Bluetooth receiver, FM radio, waterproof controller within the spa cabinet, subwoofer, 2 built-in or Pop-Up speakers.


Aquabike is recommended for anyone in need of general fitness training, a rehabilitation workout, or who simply enjoy the fun of cycling itself.

The PulsarTM Massage System lets you choose from 6 different massage programs in one of the spas seats.

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