Annual Service for Branded Spas

Its only right that your spa has been looking after you for the last 12 months now it’s time for you to look after your spa!!
Yes it’s that time of year where its your spa’s turn for some much needed TLC.
Nine times out of ten prevention is cheaper and better than the cure in most cases.
By carrying out a yearly service this can help with unexpected break downs, chemical use, bacteria growth and prolong the life of your spa.




Yearly Spa service for a branded spa consist of the following:

  1. Cleaning of spa exterior and spa cover.
  2. Check cover lifter operation (where fitted)
  3. Flushing agent added to spa water in order to remove Bio film, body grease, oil… etc
  4. Spa is then operated for 20 mins to run a chemical flushing agent through the spa to remove any bio film & debris from the jets, pumps and pipe work that builds over the year.
  5. During above No 2 all pumps, heaters, control pack, plumping etc are check for leaks or sights of malfunction, wear and tear or damage to be reported
  6. All electrical components are tested for current draw & amperage and recorded
  7. Spa is then drained down with jets, pillows, plastics & filters all removed where possible and chemically cleaned.
  8. Spa shell is chemically cleaned and washed down and rinsed there after all above No 7 replaced.
  9. Spa is refilled checked and tested!! spa then recommissioned and be back up and running.
  10. Out of warranty repairs if required subject to the above service findings will be estimated and may require parts to be ordered and a further visit.
  11. Please note that when ordering filters or chemicals at time of booking a service we will offer 10% discount and free delivery at time of service.

Please leave any relevant information relating to your hot tub in the ‘Comments’ section at the end of the checkout process.

Areas Covered: Mainland Scotland, Carlisle and Newcastle.
Please contact us for all other areas Serviced

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