This must be one of the best reasons to purchase a spa from a company that has been going for so long.

40 yrs.!!! A spa to suit all of the following reasons that you would purchase one..!!!!…. Quality, Reliability, Comfort , Performance, Style, and last but not least affordability this is why Caldera spa hot tubs are purchase by thousands of clients every year.

This might the be the best time to give you 40 reasons to purchase you new Caldera spa hot tub.


Quality, reliability, Comfort, Performance, Style, Bmw Design, Affordability, Fibercor, Circuit therapy, durability, Hydro therapy, Spa frog system, Self dosing, Energy efficient, Value, Great seating, Euphoria jets, OrbiSsage jets, AdaptaSsage jets, Adapataflow jets, Eco tech, Aquarella waterfall, Sole soother foot jets, Atlas neck jets, Ecsta seat, LumbarSsage seat, Foot ridge, Mineral enhanced, Monarch water care system, Spa glo, Cool zon, Dura bond, Composite Cabinet, Aristech acylic, Ultra Masseuse system, Avent Control System, Versassage jets, Euro pulse jets, OrbiSsage jet, …..40 and counting…many many more reasons.

With the 2016 hot tub season just kicking off now is the time to see what Caldera spa’s have to offer you.

We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have with regards to the purchase of your new hot tub.

Showrooms throughout Scotland please contact 0845 2220567 or email [email protected]

Happy Happy Hot tub Tubbing From Caldera Spa’s Scotland.

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