All going well this afternoon guys making good time weather cold this morning even with the sun out but chilly.

Lunch this afternoon is at Stoke city football ground where the team where allowed access to the car park free of charge to set up and have lunch!! we are looking after these guys you tell me who else in the UK is having lunch at Stoke City football club???? yes that right no one just our amazing guys we know how to treat them..Keep up the good work.


Folks this is Graham and Gary (QED Sound and Vision) and by the way they take not a bad selfie. These guys are worth there weight in gold as they have driven the team the length of the UK and are looking after the guys throughout the full Charity Cycle, getting there washing,ironing,breakfast,lunch,dinner….etc so big thanks to these guys as there are going ahead of the cyclist and sorting our there lunch stops and checking into hotels plus all the pictures and video’s posted are thanks to these guys!! good job guys keep up the good work and i must say you done well getting into the car park the team will be over them moon with lunch destination!!!….Many thanks to the security at Stoke City for allowing the team to rest up there for lunch very much appreciated.

This looks like a water stop!!

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