Report today on the ground is that the weather is overcast dry with sunny intervals.

The journey has been hard at times but also uplifting with all the support both at home and along the journey, please keep sharing and please keep encouraging the guys.  Tonight the guys will be at Romney’s Apartments in Milnathorpe Road, La9 5hg,  Kendal drop by and give them some support

By lunch time today the guys have managed to cycle 65 miles and only 15 left for the day so fingers crossed it will be an early finish for them. Weather today has changed for the worst and we are back to heavy rain hopefully it should not hamper the guys early finish.

Guys have left Warrington this morning 8 am heading passed Preston, Chorley and Lancaster then up to Kendal for the evening.

Finally folks we have video’s sorted so will be able to get this to you as from today please see these below for day 2 -3 then tomorrow days 4-5 and this will start to get us back on track.

Just for information there are a lot of donations being given to the guys on the road plus donations that are coming in by post etc… these will be added to the just given total through out the week so again many many thanks for all of these and again for any one that hasn’t seen we have breached the half way target and total today is £5070.00 please keep donation every penny help.

This is Dave a member of the public and a keen cyclist and a member of a cycling club who kindly made a donation to the guys out on the road…Many thanks Dave.

Looks like the guys have picked up another team member.



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