Well another day done and an overnight stay at the Green Dragon in Tiverton.

Wee detour today from the route that was planned to a lovely place call Puddington just out side Tiverton where our support drivers got talking to a local lady only to find out that she was the local MP for Puddington, Ms Chrissie Grainger who kindly offered to open the village hall and invite the team in for a wee break and a cup off tea and as you can see from the pictures below a shot of the piano with Mr Crombie on the ivories…Hidden talent!!

The help and generosity these guys are receiving out there on the road is fantastic and a great moral boaster.

As with all the places the the guys have passed through  support has been amazing.

Lovely couple and many thanks to Julie and Andy who waited on the team to arrive at the Green Dragon in Tiverton and pass on their donation personally.

 Looks like these guys need their bed after a long day and a wee detour sorry about the detour guys but its all about the publicity and going that extra mile or 10 very sorry!!




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