Sorry for delay in getting this post out as we are normally looking to have the afternoon post around 1-2pm however signal where the guys are is terrible so apologise for this.

Weather today is just about as bad as it can get.!! driving rain and howling winds however nothing is going to stop these determined guys from making there pit stop for a well earned rest at the St Benets Abbey Hotel this evening .

As first days go other than the weather they have got off to a flying start today has had some major hill climbs and some off road cycle paths but all in all a good day considering . The guys are saying that the pace has been a bit slower than they would have like however really due to the conditions being really poor the guys have just arrived at their stop for the evening so time for a shower and debrief of the day a much earned meal and a some shut eye and do it all tomorrow again!!….1 day down and a few more to go….bring it on!!


Ops !! it looks like we have a man down already on day one!! Not sure if its exhaustion or Drink related!!

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