Hot tub filters where do we start!!!

Hot tub owners some time don’t understand the work that a hot tub filters does or they don’t understand how important it is to look after there filters!!! Filters are one of the main pieces of hot tub equipment that fights the battle of keeping your hot tub clean along with the chemicals that you add however time and time again we get clients calling to say they have an issues with there spa and time and time again it is the filter to blame!!!…hold on there……eh not the filter but the hot tub owner or the person in charge of maintaining the spa….that’s more like it.

Yes that s it the Owner….the hot filter is only as good as the last time it was clean as you can see from our picture the client had just cleaned there spa and the filter and to be honest Mr & Mrs XXXXX  that would not like to be named !!!!!… would have been better not bothering to clean the filter as in the picture the bottom half of the filter is what Calder spas Scotland engineer has cleaned and the top is the half the client has clean…..night and day!!!…i know which one i prefer !!!

We are here to help….. prevention is better than the cure and normally cheaper or even if you are needing a company like us to maintain your spa or if it is just for some hints & tips of looking after you spa please feel free to contact us at Caldera spas Scotland on 01292 254 452 we look forward to hearing from you and helping in anyway we can.






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