As a small company that started in May 2007 and is growing year on year we have decided to adopt a time management plan with regards to hot tub servicing and water maintenance  This will help run our service,repair and maintenance side of the business more efficiently and will in turn enable us to provide a better service and timeline our spa program to help meet the needs of our clients.

It you have signed up to our new program we would like to thank you for your business now and in the future or if you would like to join or would like more information please contact us at [email protected] or call 01292 254 452 where our staff will be more than happy  help.

Please see picture above of a clients spa that they have maintained themselves from day one changing the water every 3 months cleaning the filters every 2 weeks….etc…. however the spa has not been serviced!!!

The picture shows  Bio film that sticks to the inside of the pipe work of the spa that cant be removed by just changing the water and cleaning the spa and filters. As we all know that prevention is better and in most cases cheaper than the cure we would  recommend that your spa like your car should be serviced on a regular basis and that in doing so will also help your water chemistry and make it easier to maintain your spa.

We recommend that your hot tub should be serviced at least once a year or be on a maintenance plan where our trained engineer is in communications with you on a regular basis and if  anything is wrong with your spa can be reported and prevent a failure and in turn not spoiling the enjoyment that you really should get from your hot tub.




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